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Building self esteem in children is easier said than done. We all have an INNER CHILD who has wounds that we are healing. And many of us hope to be mothers in the future, and many of us are care taking little ones, as teachers, aunties, etc…  We are all building self-esteem in children. Photo by Ben White on Unsplash.

Enjoy this blog post from love and relationship coach Heather Hundhausen from Beautifully Authentic – Loving Yourself First as part of her MOMMY ME TIME! video series.


Building Self Esteem in Children: Four Tips to Help You Build Your Kid’s Self Worth AND Have Fun Together

And, just to clarify, “MOMS” aren’t just women with children. It’s all of us.

So … if you’re a woman who experiences the nurturing qualities of a mother, if you intend to become a mother, if you’re mothering someone else, or if you need to mother yourself, Monday mornings are for YOU!

For the next few weeks, I’m planning on going live every day to show you how SELF LOVE is at the root of ALL HEALING and not having it is the root of ALL PROBLEMS.  Every day is a different topic.


Of course, your own sense of self love and self worth is reflected in your children… so if you’re wondering how you’re doing, just look at them!

  • Do you know you can actually affect your child’s sense of self worth, self esteem and personality?
  • Who knows the % of mothers who PLAY with their children?
  • How about the numbers of moms who are having FUN every day?
  • Did you forget about fun!? Most moms do…

ME TIME with me! Love Coach Heather Hundhausen! I help guide powerful women, world changing women, INCLUDING MOMS, who are struggling between SURRENDER and Being in Control to create their OWN LIGHT which of course, influences the world around them. Who influences the next generation more than us??

Four Key Points in Building Self Esteem in Children:

  1. You get to have fun. How will you model fun for your kids, or make it acceptable, if you aren’t having fun? What does a mother who is stressed out look like? Do you remember when your mom was stressed out? How did it make you feel? Name 3 fun things you would do today if you had “time”
  2. What does your kid like to do for fun? Do you know? Do they know? What have you explored with them? Type in your kids ages and things they like to do. This can really support others who don’t know. Type it in.
  3. What do you and your kids like to do TOGETHER for fun?
  4. JUICY PART – How does this affect your child’s self esteem, personality and feeling of self worth?


Here is How Your Kids Can Have Fun, and You Too!!!

Here is an example of a mom who decided to have fun with her child, and the results she got.  She came home from work stressed out with a headache, looked at the house, thought about making dinner, and just felt overwhelmed.  Her son came to her and said, “Mom, let’s go jump in the mud pile outside!”  She, having too much to do, and a headache, said no, but luckily, her son was persistent, and she gave in.  The two of them had SO MUCH FUN jumping in the mud together, and can you imagine, it even cured her of her headache!  She decided a simple dinner of sandwiches would do, and her son helped her clean after having so much fun with her!  They created healing and joy in their household, by simply adding in a few minutes of fun!  Building self-esteem in children can happen by simply letting go of our need to be in control, and surrendering to the moment!  They feel special and important, and we feel connected, which always has me feeling like a good mom.  I imagine it feels good for you too?

Building Self Esteem in Children: Find Out What Your Kids Love to Do, And Do It Every Day!

I know that building self esteem in children happens by having fun, so I try to add in some fun every day.  In my own home, we play games and tell stories at bedtime. This is something FUN that we do each night as a family.  Even when I am really tired, I still do my best to tell a story.  Sometimes, the boys know my “A-game” is off, and they will help me by throwing in ideas or filling in the details to make it silly, funny or exciting.  We also play singing games, where we try to guess the song the other person is humming.  They’re MUCH better at that game than I am!  I always add in a bathroom word, or a curse word, because evidently, hearing your mom curse at 10 and 12 years old is the funniest thing on earth.  Laughter is medicine for the family, and brings us closer together.  They feel heard, seen, and important, and this builds their sense of self esteem.

Don’t Forget Yourself: You Need to Have Fun Doing It too!

Please take a moment today to have fun for yourself, and with your child or inner child.  If you are struggling in any way with self-love or parenting, please reach out to me for a complimentary breakthrough session!  I would be more than happy to support you in ways to create more peace and love in your home.

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