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Are you ready for Inner Child Healing?

Want to know How to Forgive Yourself COMPLETELY and Let Your Inner Child Come Out?

Is Inner Child Healing for you?  How do you know if it is?  Answer these questions:

Do You Beat Yourself Up Continuously, think you’re not enough, hold yourself to impossible standards, or try to be perfect?

Then Inner Child Healing is for you!

If you are interested tin finding out more about inner child healing, then keep reading! I’m Love Coach Heather Hundhausen & I help guide powerful world changing women, INCLUDING MOMS (Come on now ladies, who influences the next generation more than us??) who are struggling between SURRENDER and ‘Being in Control’ to create their OWN LIGHT which of course, influences the world around them, starting with our families! Check out my chat about inner child healing as part of my Mommy Me Time series. Photo by Leo Rivas-Micoud on Unsplash

And, just to clarify, “MOMS” aren’t just women with children. It’s all of us.

We all have an INNER CHILD who has wounds that we are healing. And many of us hope to be mothers in the future, and many of us are care taking little ones, as teachers, aunties, etc…  We are all building self esteem in children.

So … if you’re a woman who experiences the nurturing qualities of a mother, if you intend to become a mother, if you’re mothering someone else, or if you need to mother yourself, Monday mornings are for YOU!

For the next few weeks, I’m planning on going live every day to show you how SELF LOVE is at the root of ALL HEALING and not having it is the root of ALL PROBLEMS.  Every day is a different topic.


Inner Child Healing: How to Forgive Yourself to Let Your Inner Child Come Out

By the time i was 2 years old, I had figured out that I better be GOOD if I was going to be loved

I remember my mom pregnant in the kitchen and sending me to my room for just acting like a 2-year old.

My belief formed: I can’t be me. I need to be someone else.

You can see why I built a business called BEAUTIFULLY AUTHENTIC! It has been a LEARNING process for me, to discover how to be my authentic self, not just the good girl anymore!

My father would send the same messages, and it became extremely apparent that his love was conditional, based on my actions.  I can forgive him, because that’s what he knows.

 I’ve had to learn how to forgive them both.



But truly, the work is in Forgiving Myself

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I beat myself up much worse than either of them ever did.

Recently, my son got in trouble, and when I asked what he learned, he answered, “I can’t have dreams and I’ve ruined my life.”


Thank God I know to ask clarifying questions and know that moments like that can form belief systems forever.

So. I probed further. I discovered where his beliefs were coming from, and was able to help him work out what he really wanted to believe, which was that “all my dreams are possible, I just need to stay inside the rules OR ask the person in charge to change the rules! Just because I made a mistake doesn’t mean life is over, it just means I learned something NOT to do again!”

We talked about how he has an option to go down 2 paths.

  • Either he can beat himself up, tell himself he’s a bad person, believe that and become one
  • Realize that sometimes good people make mistakes, he made one, and he gets to learn from it.  He learned to do his best from now on so he can feel good about himself. Did your parents do This with you?  Probably not.

Most don’t because they don’t even know what’s happening in your developing belief system and influential mind. They probably had no idea that not giving you a cookie made you think you weren’t lovable… or whatever it was that happened. For me, it was being sent to my room for BEING ME.

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5 Things YOU Can Do Today To FORGIVE Your Inner Child To Let Her Come Out And Be More Active In Your Every Day Life!


# 1 – Put the bat down.

  • Don’t beat yourself up.
  • Forgive your parents.
  • Forgive yourself.

Because if you don’t, I promise you’ll pass that crap down to your kids.

I remember hearing our parents mentally beat us up (with a bat) and when we left, they handed the bat over and we beat ourselves up much worse than they ever did.


#2 – Talk Lovingly To Yourself

If you don’t learn how to talk lovingly to yourself in your own mind, you will talk to others the same way. You can only take care of others as well as you can take care of yourself.

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#3 – RE-PARENT The Inner Child

If you’re struggling with beliefs that you know aren’t working for you, there’s a very good chance they were formed in childhood or with a trauma. You get to go back to the time the belief formed and RE-PARENT yourself with love.
Be there for that little child inside the way you wished someone had been there for you.

I find most people need about 3 sessions with me before they really get this and are able to self-direct the inner child work. I have many clients who call me up just for an inner child session later to deal with a belief they are stuck on.

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#4 – Remember The Pain And Find The Belief

  • Allow yourself to remember the pain and the belief you made up.
  • Do what Gabe’s mom did. Ask the inner child what they’re thinking about themselves.
  • When they say something crazy… redirect them with love
  • If you don’t trust yourself to redirect with love, come work with me. LOVE is a natural emotion.  Yet, we have learned to block it due to pain.  I will lead by example, and you will quickly pick it up again, as it is your natural state.


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#5 – Distinguish LOVE And Openness From Manipulation, Control, Conditional Love And Restriction Of Your Being

The tricky part is distinguishing what you THOUGHT was love, which was manipulative or conditional or something else, and replacing it with true loving attention.

This is where we need a guide or a teacher.

Once you FEEL the difference, you will never want to go back.



I appreciate you!!  Thank you for joining me and allowing me to serve you and your family by creating peace in your home and sharing more about inner child healing.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me for a free complimentary breakthrough session if you feel you are ready for a coach right now.

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