little child with rain outfit, walking in the dry fall leaves in a wooded area, symbolizing the power behind inner child work

What is inner child work? Imagine your favorite child.  Maybe it’s your child, maybe it’s your friend’s child.  Imagine those moments when the child is just SO freaking adorable.  They say and do adorable things that are full of wonder.

Now, think about that child that just drives you crazy.  The one that you wish would shut up! Now, think about yourself as a child.  Which one are you? The awesome, good child?  Or the annoying, obnoxious child?

Inner Child Work – How You Treat Your Inner Good or Bad Girl

The Good Child

If you were the good child, were you taught to be good?  Were you taught to be quiet?  Were you always directed by your parents?  If they didn’t tell you what to do, did you know what to do?  Were you allowed to say NO?

The Bad Child

If you were the obnoxious child, what were you trying to get?  What was the attention about?  What needs weren’t being met?

If a child asked you to pay attention to them, would you?

If you knew that they were misbehaving because they were trying to COMMUNICATE something to you, would you stop and listen?

When you were a child, what would it have meant to have someone pay attention to you?


What is attention?  What does it mean to you?

Today, take some time to connect to your inner child. 

The good girl, or the rebel.  Whichever one is present.  There are many ways to connect to her.

Two of my favorite tools for Inner Child Work that I can do quickly are:

  1. I just asking her what she needs.
  2. Non dominant handed writing.

My VERY favorite tool is hypnosis reprogramming where we can ACTUALLY meet her needs, and therefore, reprogram your brain to BELIEVE that you live a life of abundance, grace, joy and love.

If you’re not living a life of grace, serenity, peace, joy and love, it’s time to call me.  What are you waiting for?!

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