Group Coaching

We feel most alive when we are connected.

There is research that shows that people who are alone don’t live as long as those who are connected. It is part of our mission here at Beautifully Authentic to make sure that we are creating beautiful, thriving, self-sustaining communities of support all over the country! What is incredible is our ability to do this both on-line, and live.

Group coaching is a place where you can REALLY SEE, learn, and grow from watching others.

Sometimes, when we have our own struggles, it is too scary to step up and face what we know we need to deal with.

Sometimes, it is easier to watch someone else go through it first. Some of us love going first, so we can inspire others to follow our lead. Whichever it is for you, group coaching is a powerful way for you to see yourself.

It teaches us to be a witness of our own life.

It teaches us how we are all so deeply interconnected. You will not end up in a coaching group that isn’t perfect for you. The group is always perfect.

We can also affect change on a much larger scale when we deliver personal development trainings in groups.

Where there is only one coach or trainer with a limited amount of time to execute her expertise in one-on-one coaching. When we put people in groups, we not only affect more change, save money for participants, and save time for the instructor, but also create connection, community and accountability, which many times more than not, is what we really needed coaching for in the first place!

Breakthrough, then follow-through!

Breakthrough is easy where there is a loving, supporting environment. Follow through is easier with accountability to people we care about, love and support.

Often times, people who go through the coaching programs together become life-long friends.

Becoming beautifully authentic takes courage, love and commitment.

Here at Beautifully Authentic, we have put together the most successful formulas for breaking through limiting beliefs around self-sabotage, not feeling good enough or lovable.

We create self-love and empowerment as women remember who they truly are at their core. They release the mask and step into their soul. They release their old fears and step into being loving, compassionate, caring, taken care of, peaceful and gracefully powerful.

Group programs are opened and offered 4 times a year. Please connect with us HERE if you are interested in learning more about the next course opening: