woman with red hair and blue ice in a fur parka in an ice theme, symbolizing the power of trusting your intuition

Trust Your Intuition and Bring It All In Your Heart

Intuition is going deep down in the seat of your soul, and simultaneously, connecting to listening to and witnessing that which your higher self, your expanded self, your infinite intelligence (or your higher power) has for you/ to show you. Bring it all in your heart, and allow your emotions to guide you/navigate/ be your guide into the waters of the unknown.

Do Not Trust Your Intuition

You’ve been taught in this culture not to trust your intuition.

To not trust your gut, to shut down your emotions (suck it up, big boys don’t cry, you have to be who I need you to be to make me happy, I’ll hit you/threaten you to behave and not feel your own thoughts/feelings – you must believe me! (authority/parent).)

Choose to Reconnect

So, we’ve zoned out. We overwork; we overspend; We overeat; We avoid ourselves at all costs. We watch TV and make it our companion, as if its an entity who is with us in our lives/ our kitchens/ our living rooms/ our bedrooms. This is not connection. This is distraction.

We can choose to reconnect. To know; To find our purpose; To live knowing how to feel – to be guided, to live in synch, to create from nothing.