About Heather Hundhausen, Founder of Beautifully Authentic

headshot Heather Hundhausen, founder of Beautifully Authentic and loving yourself coach

Heather Hundhausen is a self-love and empowerment coach who works with powerful, heart centered women who are ready to skyrocket their business, love-life, relationships, intuition and decision-making to the next level. Heather supports women in doing this by showing them how to breakthrough limiting beliefs that block people from their greatness. She assists people to make decisions in their lives by following their heart, mind, intuition and soul, from a place of being whole and in integrity. Heather is passionate about helping people do this so they hear their inner voice and then act upon their intuition so they create peace, joy, connection and fulfillment in their lives.

From Heather:

Although I have multiple degrees (including a masters in Mental Health and Specialist in Marriage and Family) and many certifications (coaching, hypnosis, parenting, business, health), the true “teacher” in me comes from my experience.

I got to learn the hard way about how relationships either “work” or don’t work from personal life experience. My parents probably should have been divorced before they married, but they struggled through a challenging relationship for nearly 25 years.

I am the child of a divorce, they were divorced when I moved away to college, where, luckily, I studied psychology. I could explain everything that happened in my household in psychological terms, if you were interested.  There was addiction, codependency, unchecked rage, affairs/cheating, verbal and emotional abuse, stonewalling, triangulating, parentification, gas-lighting, the drama triangle and probably a variety of other family dysfunction, which doesn’t really matter if you’re not a psychologist.

What matters is, growing up, I did NOT learn how to effectively be in relationships.  I managed to have a series of relationships where I proved to myself that men couldn’t be trusted, I couldn’t be trusted, and relationships just didn’t work.  I managed to get divorced to my first husband within the first 10 years, with 2 beautiful children.

So, I have been a child of divorce.  I have been a spouse who has been divorced and I have children of a divorce.  I have felt the societal shame of all of these “failures,” and know what it’s like to feel the feelings that go with each of these life transitions.

I am very proud to say that my divorce was incredibly peaceful.  I have learned to access my feminine, I have learned to appropriately communicate, I have learned trust, and most importantly, the key to everything, self- love.

I would relate my relationship success to an immigrant coming in from a third world country with nothing.  Starting from the bottom, I have created a small business (my current relationship).  It is thriving, it is successful, it is powerful, it is fulfilling, and it is satisfying.  It isn’t a Fortune500 “marriage,” yet… but I’m determined.

I truly, truly believe that ALL RELATIONSHIPS ARE REPARABLE.  This takes a couple of ingredients:


#1 Love yourself.

I don’t mean, “yah, yah, I love myself. I mean, truly, deeply, passionately, and madly love yourself.  Look in the mirror and think, “My GOD you are an amazing, beautiful human being!”  No one else, and nothing else comes before your peace, sanity, and full, open heart. Because with that, you can achieve #2…

#2 Be a Contribution.

In every moment that you aren’t loving and filling your own love tank, fill your partner’s. When you love, and you are full, and you GIVE to someone you love, you actually receive love. which leads me to 3…

#3 Be Willing to Receive Love.

Totally open, totally raw, totally naked. I take all of you in. I allow you to see me, and I allow you to support me. I allow you to give to me, and take care of me.

#4 Trust.

Of course, you need trust to be able to be willing to receive. Building trust takes time and dedication. No more bombs. No more yelling, screaming, accusing, blaming, shifting, defending or misdirecting.

#5 Safety.

Very similar to trust. The difference is with trust you believe your partner is safe, and with safety, you create a context for your partner to trust you.

#6 Both Partners Need to Be in the Game 100%.

You can not repair a relationship were one or the other partner isn’t willing to give 100% to the previous 5 steps.If you are both able to do these 5 steps, you are READY to repair your relationship. There are many tools to guide you along this journey, which I can show you.



When you deeply, truly love yourself, anything and everything is possible. When the little voice in your head says, “You can do it, I believe in you, let’s give it a go, try it!” your world is very different. Most people hear “you cant do it. Don’t try. That’s unsafe. That’s too scary. When we talk to ourselves like that, we don’t achieve much.

When we talk to ourselves from a loving, empowered place, suddenly the world opens up and everything is possible.



Why is it so hard to be authentic? I believe I have boiled it down to the reason we struggle so much to be our true selves, all the time. When we are born, our parents, society, the culture etc… put beliefs in our head about how we SHOULD be. Oftentimes, this is directly in conflict with who we WANT to be! What choice should we make? In order to SURVIVE, many of us choose to conform. If we don’t fit in the tribe, we die, says our 10,000 year old caveman DNA. But if I can’t be ME, I wont be happy!

How often were you told as a child,

  • sit down
  • behave
  • suck it up buttercup
  • big kids don’t cry
  • stop it
  • don’t do that
  • go away
  • pull it together
  • you’re embarrassing me


There are so many ways we are taught to NOT be US!

Then we spend the rest of our lives trying to be ME and finding our voices without feeling ashamed or bad.

But, have you ever met someone who just does what they want to? They are wild, and free, and living off the grid somehow. And you might feel a tinge of jealousy? Because, deep down, you know you want to be free too. But you continue to hear mom and dad in your mind, even though you are a grown woman, telling you to stop, slow down, don’t do it, and be safe.



Many women struggle with their own authentic beauty.

I am not talking about looking in the mirror with no makeup and thinking you’re a gorgeous, radiant woman (although, that is a side affect of this program).

I am talking about being beautiful from the INSIDE OUT. Being the woman you know you truly want to be. Being genuinely loving, caring, supportive, nurturing, gentle, graceful, powerful, radiant, and divinely guided. Being a goddess. Allowing your inner light and soul self to shine. There is nothing more beautiful. You could be 87 years old and people would still say, wow, that woman is SO beautiful.

I created beautifully authentic to bring women back into their authentic, joyful, passionate, powerful, graceful selves. To access the power needed to make decisions and say no, and the grace and beauty to guide, nurture, support and encourage ourselves first, and then all of those around us that we take care of everyday.

Ready for the ride of your life? Ready to look in the mirror and see your radiant, beautiful, authentic self?

Ready to be such a bright light, you give other women permission to shine, and men permission to step into their warrior, hero selves? Let’s go!