Beautifully Authentic – Start Loving Yourself First

A journey into you.

Loving yourself is the beginning to everything. A path the bold, brave and fearless woman takes when she is ready to know her authentic self. Tired of the tears, loneliness, low confidence, lack of love, and ready for a journey to full potential. Ready to release whatever is holding her back and to move, with grace, lead by spirit, and intuition, into personal freedom. As you begin to align yourself with your deeper self, you fall in line with integrity, and deep physical, emotional and spiritual healing occurs. If you’re ready, join us

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Join us for this incredible journey of personal development and self- discovery!

Are you ready to venture into unknown, and incredibly rewarding territory?

Quote of The Day

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” – Buddha

Meet Heather Hundhausen

Loving Yourself is the Key to Overcome Loneliness. Meditation is the Path to Freedom.

Letting Go is the Struggle. Grace is the Result. 

  • How would you like to experience sheer ecstasy on the playground of your life?
  • Would you like to get rid of LONELINESS forever?
  • Want to feel beautiful, wanted, important, lovable and full of GRACE every day?It’s all available to you, you’ve just bought into the lie of separation. The lie that you’re not enough, not wanted, not important,  not beautiful,  not loved.Well, I’m here to call bullshit on that lie!  And it’s time for you to let it go as well to start loving yourself.

You must love yourself before you love another ...

You must love yourself before you love another. By accepting yourself and fully being what you are, your simple presence can make others happy. You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love & affection. ~Buddha

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Are you ready for LETTING GO of all the lies, stories, and struggle that holds you back from experiencing the greatness of your life?

Imagine this: going from a life where lying next to the supposed love of your life doesn’t feel like agony, doesn’t make you cry, doesn’t bring so much pain, doesn’t bring so much loneliness…

And instead, living a life where you have joy, you have intimate, deep conversations with your family members, where you feel heard, valued, trusted and important.  Where your children are on your team and are not only helpful around the house, but are also curious, inquisitive and self- motivated to succeed in their lives.

12 Days of Loving Yourself

Heather Hundhausen takes you of a journey of 12 days of Loving Yourself, from being depending on other people’s love to loving yourself unconditionally. Check it out here.

A home life where, if you have a big presentation at work tomorrow,  your family rallies around you by not only taking care of the household duties, but also listening and being a valuable audience to support you and give you feedback.

Where your children come home and share stories with you, ask your advice, listen to you, so their homework in their own and don’t fight with their siblings?

Impossible to imagine?

I thought so too.  But I, and many of my clients have been through this life transformation and have experienced going from the one way of living to the other.

And the answer is so simple. So simple, you won’t believe me.  So simple, you’ll wonder why you aren’t doing it.

The answer is loving yourself.

But HOW, you ask me!?

I know, I asked the same question. I kept trying to make it work.  God help me, I tried to make it work everywhere. I tried to make my marriage work, I tried to make my kids behave, I tried to be lovable, twisting myself and contorting myself into something I thought you (whoever you were) wanted me to be, so I could have a sense of belonging. And I tried to do it alone.  I learned, you can not truly see yourself alone. Connection with others is imperative,  which is why I’ve created this powerful and incredible group of transformational warriors together. To support each Other in this safe space for healing as a community.

What I learned was to become beautifully authentic.

  • Are you ready to live your beautifully, authentic self?
  • Are you ready to look in the mirror and say “I love you!”
  • Are you ready to never feel loneliness again?
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This journey is for the strong, brave and courageous of heart. We start by waking you up, teaching you about how your brain works, showing you how not to react, and immediately start training your brain with affirmations*(take to pillar page) and EFT.

I invite me to join me to go on this journey together!

Peace & Light,

Heather Hundhausen



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Tools I Used


Your brain is a wild stallion – it goes where it wants, and you’re along for the ride, and sometimes you go where you don’t want to go. I will teach you how to bridle that wild horse, and you can take that power wherever you want, whichever direction you see fit, and no longer down the treacherous path of self- hate, self- sabotage and self- destruction  (the roads that brought you to loneliness,  sadness, kids that fight, not enough money in the bank). Through affirmations, we will re-write the old programming, and you’ll bridle your power, and be unstoppable.


Then, we learn how to really feel our feelings and dive deeply into intuition*(pillar) and the intuitive power of emotions and the collective consciousness. we do this through different types of MEDITATION: mindfulness meditation,  thoughtlessness meditation, guided meditation, visualization and Sacred space meditation.



As we begin exploring our feelings, we learn about differentiating them, why we have them, how they can serve us, and how to take charge of and lead our lives to go the direction that we want. This starts with boundaries.  We learn what is ME, and what is YOU, how to differentiate them, and step into not only knowing our needs, but being able to ask for them to be met.  If you’ve ever said yes when you meant no, or no to something you knew was good for you, learning boundaries will profoundly change your life!



The most magnificent piece of our work together in your personal development will be connecting you with your inner child, and rewriting the programming that is keeping you stuck.  You will have affirmations that actually work for you.



You will learn how self-care is not selfish (*Take to self care pillar page). How filling yourself up with loving activities for yourself daily makes you a more stable, confident, loving, present and graceful person.

And this is just the beginning.

Join us for this incredible journey of personal development and self- discovery, as we venture, together, into unknown, and incredibly rewarding territory.

Transform Yourself In The Person You Really Are