woman in white t-shirt with lettering Believe in Yourself, symbolizing the power of affirmations

Affirmations: What We Believe Becomes Reality

Tired of affirmations that don’t work?

Mindset is everything!

What we believe becomes our reality.

What we resist persists.

Our intentions create reality.

Is your negative self-talk killing you?

The critical inner parent.

How can you love yourself with all of that criticism in your head?

Criticizing others affecting your relationships?

What’s your next level and what do you need to get there?

Do you truly want to learn how to love yourself?

3 Simple Tips How To Set Better Boundaries Immediately!

Loving yourself starts with the way you think about yourself.

Most of us were raised by parents with great intentions, but that usually looked like criticism.

No, you didn’t clean the toilet good enough, no, that’s not how we put the laundry away, no, don’t make a mess, no, don’t do it like that, don’t act like that, don’t be like that.

We learned what NOT to be, and we learned to criticize ourselves at every turn.

 woman in red dress sitting on a pier above a lake, creating affirmations

How do we undo this?

  • You have to master your mind.
  • You have to replace the inner critical parent with a loving parent who takes care of you, loves you, and shows you how to do things with kindness, gentleness, compassion and grace.

Our mind is a wild stallion; it goes where it wants, whenever it wants. It takes work to bridle a stallion, and when you do, you have achieved great power.

  • You cannot over power a stallion. You have to earn its trust.
  • You have to go powerfully, and gently.

I can and will teach you how to bridle your mind. I will teach you how to guide it to go exactly where you want it.

To stop sabotaging your relationships, to earn the money you want, to believe in yourself, whatever it is that you are ready for.

Meet Heather Hundhausen

Affirmations, if done correctly, can PROFOUNDLY change your life.

You have to know how to correctly use them though.

You cannot just simply rote repeat someone else’s affirmations that they say will work for you.

That simply will not work. Think about it.

What happens when you use someone else’s affirmation?

Say out loud to yourself, “I am beautiful” and watch what your thoughts respond.

Usually, since the human mind is a critical mind, and is used primarily for survival, the first “thought” or “what you hear” in your mind is something like, “No I’m not.”

This could be for a myriad of reasons, which I go in depth about in my blog post: Stop Judging Yourself.