woman laying on the sofa, having a blanket hold over her head, stop judging yourself and start loving yourself first

Please stop judging yourself! Find the part of you that is kind and gentle! The judgment comes from thinking in terms of right or wrong. You’re not right or wrong. Where did you learn that? As if there is a right way to be!

Here is How You Can Stop Judging Yourself – Do a Test

  1. Feel how it feels to criticize yourself – feel it in your body, your heart.
  2. Criticize someone else.  Hear someone criticize you.
  3. Now, say something loving to yourself, say something loving to someone else, hear someone saying something loving to you!
  4. What you focus on expands!
  5. Be too loud!
  6. Be too talkative.
  7. Have an annoying laugh.
  8. Be sexy!
  9. Be bold.
  10. Don’t judge yourself for being you!

You’re perfectly made, and someone probably told you to be something else, or they explained to you today people who do it “like that” are wrong. People had no idea what they were saying!

Because of fear of not belonging, we try to be something other than who we are.


Those Yes, belonging is a basic human need. Conforming for a work environment might be important, but know who you are is enough!


Stop Judging Yourself Tools and Tips

When you hear yourself saying nasty things to yourself, imagine your best friend saying, “Don’t talk about my friend like that.” Imagine, if they could hear your talking to yourself in an unkind way, they would say this!

So, when you hear yourself saying unkind things, be your own best friend, and say to yourself, “don’t talk about my friend like that!”

Accept compliments

When you hear is open and you are accepting compliments, it feels really good!

Your heart energy doesn’t know the difference between giving and receiving compliments.

They both feel exactly the same way.  The only difference is, if you allow yourself to be OPEN to receiving them.

  • Practice being open to love yourself. Focus on the positives, celebrate your successes.
  • At night before bed, go over in your mind ALL of your little successes.  Everything counts.
  • Don’t judge them. Don’t overgeneralize… not everyone is the same, nor are they meant to be.
  • Stop falling in that pitfall. Mindfulness… this isn’t the first or last time you’ll hear me say this.

Getting present will keep you from judging.  We judge when we are in the future or the past or what we think we know.  When someone is in front of us, we just see them. WHO do you know that would benefit from these daily reminders?

Post in the comments what you are going to do today when you hear yourself judging yourself or another:

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