blooming cherry tree in front of a house, symbolizing the power to release the past

What do you need to release the past? What story are you still hanging in to that you repeat to yourself and others that you can’t seem to let go of? This is one thing I love about having a Facebook group. We can share things that aren’t working and what are to support each other. Some of us a so connected to ALL things, and when I say that, it may even mean everything that ever was, is, and will ever be. Empaths feel EVERYTHING!

Release the Past – First step, release attachments.

This is not easy.

It’s nice to have a safe environment like our group where there are other people to share your intuitive and empathic abilities.

I find that women searching for self love tend to come from similar backgrounds. People who doubt loving themselves were told as kids that something about them was strange or different or wrong. Many of the wonderful women I know were taught that their ability to connect with nature, or animals, or intuitively feel everything were “weird.” You’re not weird… we will get into that more in tomorrow’s video on judgment.

Claws in the neck – Are you so afraid to be abandoned, that you have to CLAIM your “territory” by attaching yourself to your partner in a way that is scary?

Don’t be scary… release your partner. Allow your partner to be free and fly, trusting that you can trust each other to return home to the “nest.” We don’t need to attach to things we love. We can let them fly, and return home.

As empaths, we have formed codependency from feeling everything.

Think we need to manage others feelings too.

Nooo! Don’t do that!

Even though in your family growing up, they may have actually raised you to do just this! Take care of them! That’s not your job.

[If you have a child under 6, it’s your job to take care of them. (But don’t do everything, we don’t need a culture of entitled bratty kids. More about boundaries coming up later! ) children 6- 12 you’re responsible for caring for them, but it’s time to start releasing them to find themselves in relationship with the world. After 12- 18, pray you did a good enough job. As this point, you’re responsible, but more like a coach and sounding board. I digress…]

  • You are responsible for you, and your children under 18. No one else. No one.
  • Guilt comes from thinking you’re doing something wrong.
  • Shame comes from thinking you ARE something wrong! Hypnosis is great for both to reprogram the old pathways and stories and beliefs.


How do you release the past? What have you tried? What works?

To release the past, we get to work through it. We get to discover all parts of it. When you allow yourself to empathize with all the other parties in your story, you will come too realize people generally do the best they can. All the time. Even you.

You’re always doing the best you can, and you’re always perfectly guided, even when you blame our judge yourself, which we will get into tomorrow …


What will you do today to release the past?

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