hand on the drawing board, with colorful pencils on the side, symbolizing the power of law of attract habits

Do you have law of attraction habits? WHAT YOU THINK, WHAT YOU DO, IS WHO YOU BECOME. Who are you becoming? Think about it! How are you living your day? What are you thinking about yourself, others? What actions are you taking?

You are CREATING YOU all the time!

Remember Karma?

You are sending out messages from your thoughts, your heart energy, and your emotions all the time.

Researchers and scientists have been looking at how to measure this, and are finally finding ways!

The discoveries are that you are actually magnetizing back to you whatever you put out. *remember Karma? Yeah, that!


Law of Attraction Habits: Workshopping

So, RIGHT NOW, I want you to do something fun with me. It’s called workshopping. I learned it from Mel Pharr, who learned it from Abraham Hicks… We get to do this EVERY DAY with each other!


Ok, hopefully, you let yourself dance a little, because it brings your energy up for this exercise. Let’s do it now, I’ll take you on a little journey.

Imagine yourself in the FUTURE, when you have ALL the self-love, confidence, power, authenticity, boundaries, and everything else we have been talking about up to this point!

You are who you want to be.

You can say what you want, you are intuitive, its easy to make decisions.

Imagine you are living it now.

  1. Who are you with?
  2. What are you feeling?
  3. What does it feel like inside your body?
  4. Where are you?
  5. What are you experiencing?
  6. What are you doing?
  7. Now, look back in time and notice the little self-care details?

When I look back, and see myself loving myself completely, brushing and flossing teeth, every night. Putting face cream on. Drinking green juices, eating vegetables, exercising. Spending time with family, essential oil baths.


From what you experienced, you can form SELF LOVE

Habits and commitments!

When you envision it, really, it’s the little things.

  • Are you brushing your teeth and flossing?
  • Putting on face cream?
  • Doing your sit ups?
  • Holding yourself accountable for the life you want?

This is self-love. It is created in your VISION, and then acted out because you believe you are important.


I set alarms. What can you do?

Bonus: integrity!

Be your word. Be your commitment.

When you live by what you say you want, and deliver on what you say you will do, you will feel amazing about yourself.

This is being in integrity with yourself. Think about it. When you go to sleep at night, and you know you’ve done everything you said you would, how does it feel?

Feel it now.


Imagine a day where you made promises, to yourself and others, and you kept your promises. How does that feel?

Now imagine you didn’t keep your word. Maybe you avoided someone, or an important discussion? Or maybe you withheld love or information from someone who could have really used it.

You’re actually out of integrity with yourself when u you do that. You know inside of you what feels right, but you don’t follow that internal guidance system… as we already discussed…

Monday, we are going INSIDE ourselves, make sure to NOT MISS IT.


What are you going to do to love yourself and take care of yourself this weekend?!

THIS WEEKEND, HAVE A BLAST! I am teaching a life changing parenting course. I know I’ll be having a blast. Changing lives is what I DO baby! WHAT DO YOU DO?!

Loving yourself will never happen from reading this information.  You must put it into practice.  Start now by declaring what you will do TODAY to love yourself.  What are your self-love goals TODAY?  .

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