Are You Looking For Heartbreak?


Want to know WHY you don’t GET what you WANT? 


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You say you want the love of your life! You imagine it! You are “DOING” all of the “Law of Attraction” activities and it is NOT working! Why not!? You’re saying to yourself all kinds of crap that no one outside of your own mind hears, but I know what it sounds like. It sounds like this:


  • No one will ever love me
  • if someone actually found out who I really am, they would run away screaming!
  • If someone actually does love me, there is something wrong with me
  • He will probably love someone younger, thinner, prettier or smarter than me
  • I’m not a great catch anyway
  • There’s seriously something wrong with me
  • He will probably use all of my vulnerabilities against me and I’ll just get hurt like I did last time…
It doesn’t matter HOW long you spend trying to “attract” the man of your dreams, if this is what is going on in your head, you can expect heartbreak time and time again.  Stop breaking your own heart!
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Have you ever tried to attract a specific bird or butterfly to your garden? You have to put out the right “bait” to attract them to you. If you want Bluejays to come eat from your bird feeder, and you put out common bird feed, you’re going to get a bunch of crows and grackles.

If you want Bluejays, you need to put out peanuts.

The same thing is happening with your love life. You are expecting to get Bluejays at the bird feeder, but you’re putting out common bird seed… and you’re getting grackles, squirrels or worse, nothing. Your dream of hearing and seeing bluejays is never going to come to reality if you don’t put out peanuts.

If you want to attract the man of your dreams, you need to think thoughts that attract him, not the ones that repel him.

(We used to buy peanuts for the bluejays, it was a love and desire of a family member of mine. I used to complain that the peanuts COST too much. Then, I said I wanted to get a baby elephant, and I was told “we’re going to have to afford a LOT MORE peanuts!”)

So, not only do you need to put out the right “feed,” but you also need to realize the COST of the feed.

There is a price to pay to get what you want. And, it’s not peanuts…

It’s more like, moving out of your comfort zone, and moving into some strange, new territory. (Which after a few days of watching Bluejays and realizing you are creating what you ACTUALLY WANT… you will be willing to pay again and again for that joy, satisfaction and happiness.)

Your heartbreak is preventable.


So, what thoughts do you tell yourself that keep you from actually having the love that you so deeply desire?

Post them here in the comments, or if it’s too personal and private, send me a message and tell me at

It’s important to get clarity on this and writing it down, sharing it, and being heard is the first step.

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