woman in winter cloth and socks jumping in the air with blue sky behind her, symbolizing the power of being present

Mindfulness and being present in the now. This is a type of meditation.  It’s not silent meditation. It’s being aware. Listening. Hearing everything. Seeing everything. Moving your awareness away from what’s happening internally to your external world around you.

Listening. Hearing. Seeing Everything.

Go be with plants, or nature today. Listen to the birds and the wind and the water. See the beauty that’s everywhere.

Taste your food. Every bite. Identify each ingredient.


Being present. Open yourself up to the world.

What will you choose today to be mindful of?  Choose it now.

Open yourself to the idea that beauty and bliss and peace and love are everywhere.

Intention in everything. If you believe it, it becomes your reality

Getting quiet is also how we develop our intuition as well.

Going on your personal journey …

The further you go on your own personal development journey, and the more AWARE you become of yourself, the more you will be able to see how others are your mirror.

When you see them being like you, or being like how you used to be, you will know how to be in relationship with them.  But you will not know if you don’t know yourself.

Loving yourself will never happen from reading this information.  You must put it into practice.  Start now by declaring what you will do TODAY to love yourself.

What are your self-love goals TODAY?

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