a woman outside in the nature, enjoying herself, self care is not selfish

Put you first – self care versus selfish. Somewhere along the way you decided that taking time for yourself was selfish. I know, because I spent most of my life doing it. I would put the kids first, put my husband first, put my clients first, put my boss first, put making money first, even put the cat first!

Self Care Is NOT Selfish: I would feel guilty if I took time to take care of me.

I would think, what will the kids do without me!? Like I was that important!

I wouldn’t do what I knew I needed to do for my soul, like go to a women’s circle, or meditation or breath-work session, because it was “my night” with the kids.

I realize now that I ended up using the kids as an excuse.  I felt too guilty to leave them, to take care of myself.  I didn’t feel I deserved that kind of care.  I thought that caring for them was more important.

The real question is, what do the kids feel like when you’re exhausted, cranky, have a headache or other body pain, “HANGRY” (Hungry+Angry) because you’ll feed them but you wont feed you …

Your kids feel unloved.

That’s how they feel.  They feel exactly like YOU do! AND they’re learning from you!!  That taking care of themselves is not important!  And I now realize, that “caring” for them from that worn-out, unappreciated, overwhelmed place was actually NOT caring for them.  It was modeling for them chaos, and lack of self-love, lack of self-care.

And the other people in your life feel it too. 

And some will even take advantage of you because they know they can.  They know you will put them first.

  • Do you want to stop feeling taken advantage of?
  • Do you want to stop feeling exhausted and like you can’t do it all?


Spend one hour today doing what you love.

I dare you for one day.
Do one hour.
And I dare you not to fall in love with yourself.

If your child, or best friend, told you they felt unloved, wouldn’t you spend the day with them showing them how much you loved them? Or when you were a child, if you felt unloved,  if a parent spent an hour of time with you …

How loved would you feel?

If for whatever reason this challenge feels hard, come work with me.  I will help you reprogram your old limiting beliefs.  You can learn to love yourself.  Your happiness and your relationships depend on it.

I know you know people who are exhausted.  Doing too much for others.  Share this video with them too.  Let’s make sure to get them in the group.

Its time to create peace in the world.   And it starts with you.  Stop living from struggle.  Start living from love.  I’m here to support you in doing that.

Self care is not selfish, never. Loving yourself will never happen from reading this information.  You must put it into practice.  Start now by declaring what you will do TODAY to love yourself.

What are your self-love goals TODAY?

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